Oral implantology


Implantology services include:
– consultation and diagnostic of the clinical case
– radiological paraclinical diagnostic
– establishment of the clinical-biological indices of the implant bed

If the clinical-biological indices are negative the following shall be done:
– augmentation of the remaining bone by addition of synthetic bone
– lifting of the maxillary sinus
– bone condensation

The cabinet is provided with physiodispensers and piezosurgery.

The oral rehabilitation of the patient is done with fixed or removable gnatoprosthetic apparatuses with implant support.

implant dentar zirconiu

Information concerning the dental implant:
– The implant represents a substitute of a tooth’s root
– Biomechanically, it renders a rigid support
– We insert titanium implants with the surface covered with titanium oxides that create affinity for the osteoforming cells
– With small exceptions pertaining to certain serious illnesses of the body, the implant is well tolerated
– Implant therapy avoids mobile dentures in most cases
– Under the conditions of maintaining a correct hygiene and a rigorous periodical control, the life of the implant increases